Sometime ago, someone brought to my attention the fact that, if asked about my music, I would have answered: all that I experimented and did in music was a preparation for what I do now. Nothing has changed for me in the meantime: one step prepares the next one. And so it goes concerning this new CD “DrumSight NOW”. The music it contains is the result of five years of work, of playing, of doubts, of att- empts, of reviewing. My three friends (Valeria Zangger, Markus Lauterburg and Chris Jaeger) and myself worked, shook things, improvised, talked, joked, laughed a lot, and all this in order to take away the barriers that may have prevented us from playing.

Of course I spent a lot of time composing and imagining. I also used pro- vocation in my compositions, but the goal was that we would manage to play them in a natural and organic way. Indeed, we play our entire reper- toire by heart and the most complex and risky parts are played with a smile.

This group has become an organism with a specific and recognizable sound. Some parts can be perceived by unsophisticated ears as lacking precision, but they are in fact wanted so, as mixing 5/8 and 6/8 rhythms, and some more too. The aim of it all is to create frictions, to open spaces in the listener’s feeling, to bring him to let go of his fear of leaving the ground and to use his wings!

The decision to record this CD was not about publishing one more record. It was rather, for myself and for my marvelous musicians, a way to mark a step in this long road that is our life in search of music. It also represented a possibility to communicate with the others.

A possibility to open up new horizons (DrumSights) and maybe to make one more step towards the aim of hearing and... understanding. You will ask: “Understanding what?” Well, precisely towards the aim of... understanding.
Pierre Favre, November 2015


Recorded May 14 & 15, 2015, at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany, by Adrian von Ripka. Mixed and mastered at Bauer Studios by Adrian von Ripka.
Recording produced by SRF Kultur, Pierre Favre and Philipp Schaufelberger.
Cover art and graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Liner notes: Pierre Favre and Balts Nill. Photo: Pino Ninfa.
Produced by Pierre Favre and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt. Published by Intakt Records.

Intakt CD 260 / 2016

Recording session for the Album «NOW» • Watch on Youtube

Trailer • Watch on Youtube